Why Blogging?

If you asked my husband he would tell you that I’ve talked about blogging since we got married. I LOVE following other mamas on Instagram and reading their stories and the challenges they’ve faced since becoming a mom. Being a mom can be SO hard so it’s nice just knowing you’re not alone. So what better way to share my stories and experiences than in a blog, right?? But, why now?

My best friend lives in Utah (which I hate, I hate it so much! Please move back) but we still talk every single day. So we were talking the other day about how judgey some moms can be, EW! It’s so annoying…And how sometimes we feel like we have to try things other ways just because other people think it’s the best way. But really, as long as we are doing our best to take care of our kids and we aren’t doing anything that could harm them there is no reason we should ever feel judged or pressured. But, that’s the reality these days. If anything happens to your child (literally, anything) it’s your fault and you’re a horrible mom.

So, I want to share some POSITIVITY! I doubt many people will read these posts, but that’s not what matters. On a day when I’m not feeling it, I can come back here to remind myself what’s really important!! In ten years nobody will remember whether or not you breastfed your baby or gave him formula. Nobody will care if you put her in a crib or co-slept. But, right now it’s like you are torturing your child if you do things the way that works best for you. I call balogna!!!

Let’s focus on raising each other up instead of tearing each other down!! That’s the message I want to put out into the world! Plus, I’m obsessed with my kids and can share tons of pictures of them on here 😊 SO follow me, or don’t! Go on this crazy journey called motherhood with me and help me spread the love. Because in a world so full of hate, it’s time to start spreading the LOVE.





Just a couple of cute pics of my babies when they were first born 😉

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