​”If y’all could just not with the breastfeeding photos”

“Completely agree! What’s the need of it? You wanna breastfeed out in public,  whatever do you boo,  but there are so many things that are personal or just don’t need documentation for one and then for two posted on social media. Then your purely going out of your way for attention”.

 “I am a nursing mommy and I hate this as well! Or VIDEOS of the noises your baby makes while eating off of you?? What is happening? Who does this? Aren’t those for your husband…? Why do people think everyone wants to be apart of those moments? Hey, come here and watch me feed my baby! It’s so cute? Lol nah bro. Nah.”

What’s the point of women posting pictures breastfeeding? And, why did these comments infuriate me so much? I mean, I’ve never even taken a breastfeeding photo, let alone posted one. So why is this sticking with me?? Why am I letting this get to me? Why am I still upset over it? It’s because it’s hard!! It’s hard to be a mom. Everything we do gets judged and for whatever reason everyone else knows how we should raise our children. I strongly believe that us moms need to support each other, always.

People try to make us feel like crap for formula feeding our babies and  they tell us “Breast is best!” But, when we breastfeed our babies in public we’re shamed and told to go somewhere else for that. In case you didn’t already know, we can’t control when our babies get hungry and we shouldn’t have to make them wait to eat just because it makes you feel uncomfortable. 

The point of #normalizebreastfeeding isn’t to get attention or to show off our boobs. It’s to show other moms that it’s okay!! You don’t have to be afraid to leave your house because you’re scared that your newborn might get hungry.  You don’t have to find a bathroom and sit on a public toilet to avoid the stares and whispers among total strangers. You don’t have to run out to your car while your baby is kicking and screaming to sit in the backseat with a blanket covering the window. The problem isn’t with you, the problem is with our society. And it needs to change. 

“But is doing it in public and sharing a photo really the same thing? My whole point is just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it should be posted.”

It’s completely different!! You’re right. Way more people will see the picture if it’s shared on Facebook and Instagram and that’s the point!! If you see a bunch of other moms that are strong enough and brave enough to share their pictures on social media you might not be so scared to do it in a restaurant or in the park. It’s something to be proud of and it’s sad that so many moms feel like it’s something they need to hide. 

That’s right, it’s something to be proud of!! You think we just decided one day to shove our boobs in our baby’s mouth and milk magically appeared? All so we could get some attention on Facebook? No. It takes a LOT of hardwork. What you don’t see in the photo is the hours we spent pumping to help our milk supply come in. You don’t see the blisters and the pain we felt. You don’t see the tears and the frustration and the breakdowns and the supplements and all of the different diets. We work hard to be able to nourish our babies and it’s a beautiful thing!! 

But wait..

“Aren’t those for your husband…? Why do people think everyone wants to be apart of those moments? Hey, come here and watch me feed my baby! It’s so cute? Lol nah bro. Nah.”

Comments like this one right here are the reason women are so terrified to breastfeed in public, covered or not…Hate to break it to you, but our boobs were not made for our husbands. Shocker, I know! But, the biological function of a woman’s breasts is to produce milk for her babies. While that may not be “cute”, I think it’s pretty dang amazing!!

My biggest hope is that this doesn’t come off as an attack on the women who made these comments…that was never my intention! It is merely one mama supporting another mama’s choice to breastfeed her baby whenever, wherever, and however she pleases!

This is my first time taking a picture while breastfeeding and it takes a lot of courage for me to post it even though I am covered. In the past, a man came up to me and pointed out that there was a bathroom about twenty feet from where I was nursing my child COVERED UP. That feeling will never leave me…If you’re allowed to eat somewhere, our babies should be allowed to as well.

16 Replies to “ ​”If y’all could just not with the breastfeeding photos””

  1. Well spoken! Breasts have been so hyper-sexualized in our culture and trying to get other people to stop viewing them in that light is frustrating and difficult! Keep.on doing what you do!

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  2. Great post! And I’m so sorry you had that awful experience while breast feeding in public! Blows my mind how justified some people feel while shaming others. So sad. Yes, mommas gotta sick together!!! Keep up the good work.

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  3. Fantastic post! I didn’t breast feed my daughter. I have absolutely nothing against it, it was just my personal decision but I know lots if women who have and never felt awkward or uncomfortable. I completely agree it needs to be “normalised” and tbh if taking bread feeding selfies is a way to do it then I don’t see any harm x


  4. I just loved this post. I am still breastfeeding my 2 year old girl and I get comments from people around me “Oh! You are still breastfeeding.” or “It’s time to switch to formula milk, she is too old for breast milk”. And the worst part is that these comments come from females more than males. In fact, I have encountered males who are more encouraging.
    It is such a great post as it reiterates the fact that breasts are for babies. More power to you!


  5. Hi Kris, this is a lovely post, lovely photo, and you’re so right about the whole judgement thing, not just for mommas but everyone, it’s gets tiring. I wanted to pop in to thank you for coming by my blog and liking one of my posts. I look forward to reading more of yours as well. Have a good one! ~Steph


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