You guys, this was so much fun and super easy!! I don’t know who had more fun, the kids or me! Kingston saw his empty bottle of bubbles today and insisted we play with them. SO, I got on Pinterest and started looking for recipes but they all called for glycerin (which I don’t have at home)…so what we did was just mix a few of the recipes together and this is what we came up with!! 

Super easy, right?? And, they were AWESOME. You just pour all of your ingredients in an empty bottle and shake it up. Once it settles, you can use a straw or any old bubble wand!! The bubbles bounce on anything that’s soft so King and I put on our mittens and bounced some around in the back yard. Then we came inside and got Preslie in on the action. I laid one of her blankies across the high chair  and she watched them for a little and had so much fun popping them!!

He wasn’t so sure about the mittens at first 😂

Such a fun activity to keep the kiddos entertained inside or outside no matter how old they are!


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