A Surprise Trip to the Coast

There are few things in life more magical than seeing the world through your children’s eyes. Watching their faces light up and their entire little bodies dance with excitement and anticipation over something as simple as shoveling sand at the beach. Hearing their high pitched squeaky screams as they sprint straight for the ocean. Seeing them run through a shark tunnel at the aquarium screaming all of their favorite quotes from Finding Nemo. SHARK BAIT HOO HA HA!!!

There’s also nothing more relieving and rejuvenating than spending some time with your girls. Staying up late, eating junk food, laughing at absolutely nothing. I swear I could watch you guys play PJ masks with King and P in those little bunk beds forever. Watching Angel nearly get run over by the crazy drivers and yelling at them for being psychos will forever be stuck in my brain hahahaha (seriously, Oregon drivers are terrifying).  Kingston’s obsession with his God Mama…”I want Auntie Jessth” literally all day every day.  My kids literally could not have better God Mommies.

Words could never really express how much this trip meant to me. With Germany creeping up on us, I know that the days spent laughing and making memories with you guys are slowly dwindling. In most ways, I feel excited and extremely anxious to start this new journey in a beautiful new place. But, my heart also aches knowing that I can’t drive up to see you guys whenever I need to vent or have a girls day. Over the past few years you’ve become part of my crazy little family. I honestly don’t even think of you as friends because you’re my sisters 💕 forever.

So, thank you to my incredible husband for making sure us girls had one last adventure before we take off on a jet plane. It still blows my mind that while you’re over there working your butt off all day every day, you still find ways to surprise me and make sure we’re taken care of. I love you endlessly and cannot freaking wait to have you back in a few weeks. So grateful and humbled by these beautiful humans in my life.

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