Neuschwanstein Castle

We spent our second day of the trip making the hour drive up to Neuschwanstein Castle. Chris planned this trip before we even got to Germany because I kept sending him all of the pictures of castles telling him how excited I was. This castle caught our eye because it’s the castle that inspired Disneys Magical Kingdom…and Magical it is.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so beautiful.  After you park, there are three different ways to get up to the castle.  You can hike which is like a thirty minute walk. You can take a horse pulled carriage or you can take a bus which puts you like ten minutes away.  We decided to take the bus just because of the kids. Once the bus dropped us off we stopped by Mary’s Bridge and then hiked over to the castle.

If you ever make the trip up to Neuschwanstein you HAVE to stop at Mary’s Bridge.  It overlooks the castle…it’s terrifying. But the view is absolutely worth it. My hands were actually shaking so bad that I only made it far enough onto the bridge to see the castle and then I booked it back to safe grounds.  IF you’re a daredevil, I saw some people that crossed the bridge and then hiked up a little higher to get some CRAZY views. But yeah notttttttt for me lol.

If you’re making this trip in the near future make sure you book the castle tour in advance because it was a THREE HOUR WAIT and we didn’t get to go in.  Merp Merp.  I’d also pack lunches if you’re bringing kids (especially if they’re picky) because most of the cafes are more high end!!

We actually lost our stroller a few weeks ago at the zoo (Chris left it somewhere and it got stollen) and the kids were exhausted so Chris had the joy of carrying both kids back up the hill to the bus haha!! But the castle was breathtaking and I’d love to take the kids back again someday so we can actually go in…and they can find the king and princess 🙂 I had to tell them that the Princesses and Kings were taking naps and that’s why we didn’t get to see them.



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