Our stay at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort

Oh my goodness you guys. I wish we never had to leave. This past weekend Christopher surprised us with a trip up into the Alps and it was unreal. Like everything we saw was so beautiful that it actually looked fake. We stayed at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort and we had a front row seat looking out at the most enormous beautiful mountains.

The resort itself is in Garmisch which is SUCH a cute little town. We spent our first night eating at a cute little Pizzeria and then walked around the streets looking at all of the little shops. Once we got some gelato and the kids were pinging off their sugar high, we headed back to the hotel and let them run off some energy at the little park. I didn’t get nearly enough pictures because we spent most of our time out and about but Edelweiss is SO kid friendly. They have a little kids pool, a park out in the back, and they even have a little kids area in the lobby with cute movies playing all day. They have this thing called kids night out for kids over five which I think is amazing to give parents a date night. And there are TONS of outings that you can go out on right from the hotel. A bus literally picks you up and takes you so you don’t have to worry about driving. Their trips change so I don’t want to get tooooo into that.

Chris alsoooo surprised me with a mud foot wrap which I didn’t even know was a thing. He had to spring it on me last minute because I hate massages lol. But it was seriously the best way to start my day. If you go to Edelweiss and go to the spa ask for Emily. She’s the sweetest girl and she is amazing!

We spent our next two days exploring what we had the time to see. We took a trip up to Neuschwanstein Castle on Saturday and then Sunday we went to Zugspitze and Lake Eibsee. I wish we had a whole week to spend in Garmisch because this is what we live for. I think all of the big cities are gorgeous and I can’t wait to explore them…but the Mountains are my happy place. And we will DEFINITELY be making another trip to Edelweiss.

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